Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Aaaaaand....TAKE! Our first video tutorial online!

Hello my friends!
I am really happy to present you part one of our first video tutorial today! It's about painting an Imperial bastion.
This one really didn't want to be seen it seamed from time to time. From equipment problems to a week in bed, feeling like papa nurgle would chase me from fever to fever...but in the end, it became quite nice I guess.

I am gonna record the audio comments for parts two and three now. Stay tuned and let us know, what tutorials you'd like to see!

And don't forget, it's Sunday again and that means ending auctions on Ebay.
It's the last time I try to sell my predator, if it doesn't find a new owner today, I will take that fact as destinies will and paint an army around it. Maybe. Someday. You know what I mean....

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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