Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Study stuff, lifesign and cats

And here he is again.
No time for painting right now, but this will end very soon.
I'll write my last exam at Monday and then, finally, free time.
Ok, I'll have to work and such stuff but the kind of work that ends after 8 hours.
So expect some color soon.

This were the final renders for two projects, as always, just one night to make them all together...I really hate such tight deadlines. Anyways, they are ok for that time.

One of the flats in my main draft. I tried to create open, floating space, so all the families actions could take place in one big room, while private rooms are a special area.
Tons of thoughts went into it, maybe I'll write some of them down someday.

And a view from outside. We had to work in an area of historic preservation and it was quite a task to create something that would be allowed to be built there, without just faking to be an old house.
This thing drove me mad, cost countless nights without sleep and years of my life for sure.
But in the end, its quite a good feeling to be done with it. The harder the fight, the sweeter the victory I guess.

Now that was a damn quick one :) This was for a small project we had to do besides our main drafts, corporate building in Stockholm. Not to far into detail, we should work with energy concepts and different types of fronts to understand the principals we learned.

I am glad I can deal with miniatures again, its pretty impressive to work on pictures that measure more than an army display but you just see every damn mistake so quick.
Guess I'll be off Rendering and Photoshop for a month at least, as I spent the last weeks just in front of my working PC. No parties, no social life, no changes in every day life. I feel like a fuckin zombie.
And hell, I never want to draw a floor plan again (I know I'll have to, but hey, after holiday).

Last weeks weren't easy but with this two little fellas, everything was way better. Just love them.

I'll go back to learning, read you soon.

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