Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Finally Pictures

Aloha to you, dear reader.
I finally managed to take some pictures of the last few projects, I finished. And I noticed, that it has been over 1 1/2 years since I posted some of my miniatures - oh, what a shame.....
So, enough words, bring in the pics:

King Maulg, Lord of the Trolls
Figorin 54 mm

King Leonidas
Yedharo 54 mm

The Lord of Carnage, Champion of Khorne
Games Workshop/Scratchbuild 32 mm

Conan, the ursuper
Nucturna Models 54 mm

Lord of Decay, Champion of Nurgle
Games Workshop 32 mm

Blood Angle
Games Workshop 32 mm

I really had some fun painting all these little fellows, especially the Space Marine on his Juggernaut was a real pleasure. Both the conversion and the painting process taught me so much....

So, I hope you like this bunch of guys
Greetz Bloody

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