Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Nighttime painting...

Well, some of us can't sleep...
some watch tv, some read, some walk around and scare poor people in the streets...and some paint.
What could be a better mini than a nice vampire to paint at this unholy hour :)

I thought it would be cool to show some progress.
I started with a mix of dark flesh and bleached bone as a basecoat.
Then I used the wet in wet technique with pure dark flesh for the shadows and pure bleached bone for the higlight areas. (First picture)

Then I started to blend everything together and made some stronger contrasts between light and shadows.
Shadow color: more and more chaos black mixed with dark flesh.
Light color: more and more bleached bone mixed with dark flesh.
The shadows were applied using very thin color, whilst the light was painted very thick, for it doesn't work out with thin color.
So I had to blend the light area with many layers of the base color.
I repeat this several times, applying smaller bright areas and blending them in.
This way, the color gets smooth.


  1. Very nice blend work there.. end result is great!

  2. Thank you guys :)
    He still needs a few more highlights and than I'll do the front side of the wing.
    I am planning something very special for the armor, if this works out, there will be some nice new tutorial soon...