Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Project: Legion of chaos

Welcome my friends, today I'll show you the first progress of a challenge I entered at my local store.
Warhammer Fantasy is kind of dead in our region, and something had to happen. With the endtimes books, my love for the game came back once more and I couldn't resist to dust off my old chaos horde. All employees decided to build and paint a fantasy army, so we would be able to hold big events for the endtimes and fantasy in general.

As i already have an army waiting for paint for two years now I thought it would be a good opportunity, just like my death guard was in early spring this year.

We try to finish 500 points per month, this is my start. The general of nurgle!

It's the second time I painted this great miniature. I thought it unfair to use the old one, and I also wanted to try something new. I watched GW's video to paint the Blightkings and I have to admit I was stunned how good they were.
He was painted in one session, 4 hours maybe and for the gaming table the techniques are just great, 

Next are 30 barbarians, and thats the small block... Stay tuned for more.

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