Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Baneblade rolling in

Another part of my big cadia commission rolls out to defend the gate! This one was quite an experience! So much space for the effects and more than once I had to keep me from overdoing it. Now that he is finished, my own tanks will get some love again.

Remember, you can try this on your own, the complete tutorial of the used techniques is in our article section!


  1. Great work. Inspiring to try something similar.

    Out of curiosity - do You varnish those tanks? If they are meant for gaming, tabletop purposes, then I imagine they would need some sort of protective coating. But then wouldn't that mess with the look of metallics, pigments etc?


  2. Oh sorry Bro, I didn't read the comment, had a messy time.
    Yes, they are varnished with satin varnish or sometimes Lamian Medium form GW. It takes some of the contrast out of the color, so I work with really high contrasts to begin with. It changes the overall look, but especially the pigments wouldn't work without it for gaming purposes.