Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Having nightmares these days

You'll have noticed the silence here, and I am afraid it will last a while...at least this week.
One of my two beautiful cats went missing last Thursday, and since then  I am searching, climbing through old industrial ruins and completely overgrown places, shouting his name and trying to find him. I am in no mood to paint or film, my voice went missing anyway.
Just wanted to  let you know, my little baby needs all my energy right now.
Read you soon my friends.

For all my readers from Dresden, if you see him please take him home and contact me. I guess hes straying around in Südvorstadt or Löbtau. There's a reward for finding him.


  1. Oh nein, die arme kleine Miezekatze.
    Drücke Dir die Daumen dass sie wohlbehalten wieder auftaucht!

  2. I talked to Martin yesterday, He found his cat. I'm really relieved about that...