Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Walk my soldier, walk till there is no where to walk anymore!


This is just a short post about a miniature I painted in april, which is not completely finished due to that my friend I painted it for wanted me to change some stuff I fucked up. First is the position of the arms....they have to be turned a bit up, for that I need to cut them off. Well as I don't have a saw fine enough for that job I brought the miniature to Berlin and he will do it himself. But after that I'll have to do some painting on the armor again. He wants camouflage on the armor. I talked to him about it and this is how I'll do it, the orange surfaces will stay the way they are, the gray surfaces will be camouflaged. I will use maskol to completely cover the orange surfaces and dots over the grey. Then sprey it with another gray tone, remove the maskol spots, put new ones on, spray with another gray tone and maybe same thing one or two more times. I'll show you the result when it's done, till then here's how he's looking at the moment:

Ah yeah and he said the face is to pale, I wasn't sure about how I feel about the face myself so, I'll do what he wants me to do with his face and give him a facial.

So smell you later