Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

PAINting red or I'll do it till I get it

Everyone has his own weaknesses, for some of us it is a special technique like blendings or lights, some don't like the way some colors turn all know what I mean.
My personal enemy is red. I tried it since my very first army (Scab Red with just one highlight...good old times^^) and never was satisfied.
After a great Mini, painted by Raffaele Picca, I decided to fight again and my victim of choice was a skeleton knight from Games Workshop.
I had to paint him anyways for an internal competition and so I started one night, half asleep and with minimum thoughts :)
Until now mainly the red armour took my time and I'd like to show you what I've done so far.

It is GW Scab Red as main color, shadows done with a mix of Scab Red and Vallejo Dark Sea Blue (thanks a lot Raffa for that tip), the highligths with Scab Red/Blood Red/Dwarf Flesh.
First sketching was done with wet in wet technique, than I softened everything with thin glazes.
I also wanted to practice battle damage once more, I did it hundreds of times at my bus, but I didn't highlight the damage  back than.
Painting that little line under your damage is something I have to do again and again but slowly I notice it gets easier.
I would be happy if you drop some words on that little fellow.
Greets Martin

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